Ealing Law School

Professional Development Centre in Law

The Professional Development Centre in Law (PDCL) provides support to the legal profession and local businesses.

Our mission is to help them thrive in a rapidly changing legal and regulatory environment.

To achieve this, we host professionally-focused workshops and seminars delivered by an experienced team of highly qualified solicitors with practice management and training experience.

We deliver these courses throughout the year at our Ealing site. There's also the option to book in-house courses on request.

For more information, please contact Philip Ells philip.ells@uwl.ac.uk or Malcolm Davies malcolm.davies@uwl.ac.uk.

The team

Michael Garson

Michael Garson has over 30 years experience of managing a legal firm both as part of a legal practice and as a 'separate business' under Law Society and FSA regulation. He has dealt with organisation of business issues including finance and systems management.

Michael has lectured extensively to practising lawyers, surveyors and other professionals for Law Society and other accredited CPD training providers. He has also led workshops and organised CPD accredited training through his own training organisation, PerPro. He is a Law Society Council member and elected chair of the Regulatory Affairs Board.

Philip Benjamin

Philip Benjamin is a solicitor and recognised sole practitioner in private practice. He practises in employment law and advises on a range of employment issues on behalf of both employers and employees.

Philip combines his practice with lecturing and presenting professional courses. He is a visiting lecturer at University of West London, contributing to the Legal Practice Course. Philip is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association.

Philip Ells

Philip Ells is Director of the Professional Development Centre in Law at Ealing Law School and a solicitor. He is also the Programme Leader for the LLM in Legal Practice.

Philip has worked in the City, specialising in commercial and civil litigation, before working overseas as the People’s Lawyer of Tuvalu, and of the Republic of Kiribati, undertaking research in the Solomon Islands, and on elections for the OSCE in Bosnia, in the voluntary sector and in high street firms.

Between 2004 and 2008 Philip was a writer and presenter for Legal Network Television on dispute resolution. He teaches civil litigation and employment and legal skills on the Legal Practice Course at the University of West London. He has also lectured on third party funding for a CPD event.

He is the author of a Legal Network Television programme in 2007 on third party funding entitled 'Third party funding - the future of litigation?' and he is an academic member of the Association of Litigation Funders.