London College of Music


ERIC is the online entry system for LCM Exams.

ERIC offers many benefits to everyone involved with LCM Exams, and entering online enables us to provide a faster and more efficient service to teachers and candidates. We will continue to accept postal entries, but hope that as many teachers as possible will take advantage of the new features offered by the online system.


This page includes information for:

Information for teachers

ERIC will offer a range of benefits to teachers, including:

  • online entry and payment
  • no late fees for online entries (effectively extending the entry period by a week)
  • automatic notification of exam dates, times and venues
  • online access to exam details and other information
  • faster notification of results

Teachers can now register at A unique teacher code will be allocated (NB current teacher codes will not be carried forward to the new system), and a password must be chosen.

Teacher user guide 1: Entering candidates (pdf, 262 kb)

Information for representatives

Centre representatives are already registered on ERIC, and should now have been notified of usernames and passwords. Please check that all of your contact details are correct.

Rep user guide 1: Creating a venue (pdf, 742 kb)

Rep user guide 2: Creating an exam slot (choosing a date) (pdf, 942 kb)

Rep user guide 3: Entering self entry candidates (pdf, 625 kb)

Rep user guide 4: Entering teacher entries (pdf, 538 kb)

Rep user guide 5: Timetabling a session (pdf, 1240 kb)

Rep user guide 6: Viewing booker contact details (pdf, 204 kb)

Rep user guide 7: Printing a daily timetable (pdf, 250 kb)

Rep video guide 1: Creating a timetable

We will be asking centre representatives to check the categories of exams available at their centre. Exam categories on ERIC are as follows:

Code Category
MG Music Grades
MD1 Music DipLCM
MD2 Music Diplomas above DipLCM
SG Speech Grades
SD1 Speech DipLCM
SD2 Speech Diplomas above DipLCM
ITG Irish Traditional Grades
ITD1 Irish Traditional DipLCM
ITD2 Irish Traditional Diplomas above DipLCM
STG Scottish Traditional Grades
STD1 Scottish Traditional DipLCM
STD2 Scottish Traditional Diplomas above DipLCM
MTG Music Theatre Grades
MTD1 Music Theatre DipLCM
MTD2 Music Theatre Diplomas above DipLCM
PDG Percussion & Drums Grades
PDD1 Percussion & Drums DipLCM
PDD2 Percussion & Drums Diplomas above DipLCM
JD1 Jazz DipLCM
JD2 Jazz Diplomas above DipLCM
PA-C Performance Awards, Composition & Thesis
T1 Theory Step & Grades 1-5
T2 Theory Grades 6-8


















Information for examiners

Examiners are already registered on ERIC, and should now have their usernames and passwords. Please check that all of your contact details are correct.

Examiner user guide 1: Uploading availability (pdf, 140 kb)

Examiner user guide 2: Uploading results (pdf, 1014 kb)