College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare

Our staff

Meet our staff within the following areas:

Executive and Senior Management
Pre-Registration Nursing
Adult Nursing
Mental Health Nursing
Learning Disabilities Nursing
Child Nursing
Nursing Associate
Post Qualifying
Operating Department Practitioner
Health Promotion and Public Health
Student Administration Team

Executive staff

Debby Price - Deputy Dean of the College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare and Director of the Berkshire Institute for Health and Student Experience
Heather Loveday - Director of Research
Carol Jollie - Director of Contracts and Workforce Development

Pre-Registration Nursing

Wendy Wigley - Head of Pre-Registration Nursing

Adult nursing staff

Daniela Blumlein - Lecturer, Nursing and PG Dip Nursing Course Leader
Obed Brew - Senior Lecturer, International Nursing Programme
Deebs Canning - Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Luke Cox - Lecturer, Adult Nursing and Interprofessional Learning
Janet Deacon - Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Ganapathy Ganesalingam - Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Sarah Hassiem - Lecturer in Simulated Learning
Regina Holley - Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Barbara Hoyle - Lead, Practice Education
Muili Lawal - Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Ben Pearce - Lecturer, Nursing
Florence Makinde - Senior Lecturer, Adult Nursing
Lyndsey Mears - Senior Lecturer, Adult Nursing
Neus Carlos Martinez - Lecturer in Adult Nursing 
Ramona Minette - Lead, Recruitment and Selection
Iris Mitchell - Lecturer, Nursing, Secondee
Yvonne Morris - Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Tatyana Nadif - Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Taofik Olajobi - Lecturer, Nursing
Moortooza Puttaro - Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Dr Russell Foulsham - Lecturer of Pharmacology 
Sharon Smith - Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Mary Sullivan - Lecturer, Nursing
Deborah Taylor - Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Kit Tong - Senior Lecturer, Adult Nursing
Swapna Williamson (Dr.) - Associate Professor, Nursing
Debbie Wright - Lecturer, Nursing

Mental health nursing

Jared (Jerry) Ngwena - Professional Lead, Mental Health
Enoch Aboagye - Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing
Trish Earl - Senior Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing
Melanie Gasston-Hales - Senior Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing
Zaid Hosany - Lecturer Practitioner, Mental Health Nursing
Linda McDonald - Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Nicki Moone - Senior Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing
Reuben Pearce - Senior Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing
Sarah Ransom - Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing
Clive Simpson - Lecturer, Nursing
Isaac Tuffour - Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing
Edward Vandi - Lecturer-Practitioner

Learning disabilities nursing

Kudzai (Kay) Mafuba (Dr.) - Associate Professor, Learning Disabilities Nursing
Maria Cozens - Lecturer, Learning Disabilities Nursing
Chiedza Kudita - Public Involvement Coordinator and Lecturer
Dorothy Kupara - Lecturer, Learning Disabilities

Child nursing

Hannah Lyman - Professional Lead, Course Lead and Senior Lecturer Child Health Nursing 
Philip Davey - Senior Lecturer, Child Health Nursing
Yvonne Dexter - Senior Lecturer, Child Health Nursing
Kathryn Higham, Lecturer, Children's Nursing and Healthcare
Laila Paulsen-Becejac - Senior Lecturer, Child Health Nursing
Kathleen Mangahis - Lecturer in Child Health Nursing 

Nursing Associate

Florence Makinde - Senior Lecturer and Nursing Associate Lear

Post qualifying

Claire Anderson - Head of Post Qualifying Education
Helen Dutton - Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Theresa Famador - Lecturer, Nursing
Jacqui Finch - Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Adrian Jugdoyal -Lecturer, Adult Critical / High Dependency Care
Catherine Lynch - Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Ian Naldrett - Lecturer, Intensive Care Nursing
Mahesh Seewoodhary - Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Caroline Smales - Senior Lecturer, Nursing

Operating department practitioner

Roger King - Senior Lecturer, Operating Department Practitioner
Michelle Groves - Senior Lecturer, Operating Department Practitioner
Edwina Morris - Lecturer, Perioperative Practice

Health Promotion and Public Health

Helen Matthews - Senior Lecturer, Health Promotion and Public Health
Da-Costa Aboagye - Lecturer, Health Promotion and Public Health
Carrie Grainger - Lecturer, Health Promotion and Public Health
Joshua Onyango - Senior Lecturer, Health Promotion and Public Health
Aby Mitchell - Lecturer, Health Promotion and Public Health
Dr Sophie Pettit - Lecturer, Public Health
Jane Thomas - Senior Lecturer, Health Promotion and Public Health
Salim Vohra - Lecturer, Health Promotion and Public Health
Hafiz Khan - Professor of Public Health 


Jancis Shepherd - Lead Midwife for Education
Luisa Acosta - Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Adelaide Adubffour - Lecturer, Midwifery, Secondee
Andrea Aras-Payne - Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Cecelia Marcia Bartholomew - Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Judy Bothamley - Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Maureen Boyle - Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Jenny Brewster - Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Helen Crafter - Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Clare Gordon - Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Christine Grabowska - Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Elisabeth Hallewell - Lecturer, Midwifery
Julie Jones - Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Kathryn Nash - Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Catherine Rowan - Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Helen Simpson - Lecturer, Midwifery and Practice Education
Sheena Simpson - Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Tina South - Lecturer, Midwifery


Dr Deirdre Kelley-Patterson - Head of the Centre for the Study of Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care​​
​Agneszka (Aggie) Bak - Research Assistant
Elizabeth Barley - Professor, Health and Wellbeing
Gurpreet Chaggar - Researcher
Bob Gates - Professor, Learning Disabilities
Carolynn Greene - Research Assistant
Heather Loveday - Director of Research
Dr Rowan Myron - Associate Professor, Healthcare Management
Rachel Oughton - Researcher
Alison Tingle - Research Development Lead
Victoria Tischler - Professor, Arts and Health / Head of Dementia Care Centre
Dr Jennie Wilson - Associate

Research (external)

Prof. Elizabeth Anionwu - Emeritus Professor
Howard Branley - Visiting Professor
Dr Steven Chadwick - Visiting Professor
Prof. Charles Easmon - Emeritus Professor
Ina May Gaskin - Doctor of the University
Martin Kiernan - Visiting Research Fellow
Prof. Clive Loveday - Doctor of the University/ Visiting Professor
Dr William Maton-Howarth - Doctor of the University
Professor Lesley Page - Doctor of the University
Dr. Bobby Prasad - Visiting Professor
Prof. Robert Pratt - Emeritus Professor
Prof Elizabeth Robb - Doctor of the University
Dr Suzanna Rose- Visiting Professor
Ms Janice Stevens - Doctor of the University
Prof. Paul Thomas - Doctor of the University/ Visiting Professor

Student Administration Team

Helen Dixon – Senior Administrative Officer – Pre-Registration Nursing
Peter Whyte – Senior Administrative Officer – Healthcare

Placements Team

Alison Connor - Placements Coordinator
Barbara Hoyle - Head of Practice Education
James Lane - Technical Administrator for PESU
Snobiya Sammy - Placements Officer
Naomi Smith - Practice Lead: Private, Voluntary and Independent Sector
Brady Toddington - Administrative Officer
Rajni Verma - Placements and Social Work Administrator
Douglas Woodroff - College Practice Placement Facilitator