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For many organisations and their staff, learning needs to be fitted in around more urgent business and personal commitments.

Short courses

This is why we are working to develop a series of high quality short courses that will enable professionals to build their learning in bite size chunks.

Our short courses are designed to provide employers and employees with opportunities to engage with leading edge thinking and technology in a format that is accessible and convenient.

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Course title Start dates Cost
Course summary
CIEH Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering 30/09/16, 28/10/16, 25/11/16, 27/01/17, 24/02/17, 31/03/17, 26/05/17, 30/06/17 £79.50
This course is designed for all food handlers. It is a one day taught course awarded by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and delivered by a CIEH registered trainer. 18 candidates max
CIEH Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety in Catering 06/01/17, 13/01/17, 20/01/17 and 05/05/17, 12/05/17, 19/05/17 £301.50
This three day course is designed for supervisors and managers of catering, manufacturing or retail businesses. Particularly relevant for those who have to develop or monitor HACCP-based food safety management procedures and systems. It is a three day course, taught one day a week over three weeks, awarded by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and delivered by a CIEH registered trainer. 18 candidates max
CIEH Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace 11/11/16, 10/02/17, 07/04/17, 16/06/17 £79.50
This course is designed for anyone in a work environment and ensures that all employees are aware of their own safety and the safety of customers, contractors and the public. It is a one day taught course awarded by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and delivered by a CIEH registered trainer. 18 candidates max
BIIAB Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders 23/09/16, 18/11/16, 17/02/17, 14/04/17, 23/06/17 £141.50
This course is designed for anyone aged 18 or above who wants to hold a Personal Licence or is taking on the role of a Designated Premises Supervisor in England and Wales. To obtain a Personal Licence an individual must apply to their Licensing Authority and meet the criteria set by the UK Government. One of these criteria is to have been awarded a Government approved qualification for Personal Licence Holders. The BII Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders is this qualification. It is a one day taught course awarded by the BIIAB and delivered by a BIIAB registered trainer. 18 candidates max
Level 3 Award Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement 04/11/16, 03/03/17, £551.50
This course is designed for practitioners who assess the demonstration of competence in the workplace. It is a one day course followed by planned observed assessments. This qualification is awarded by City & Guilds. The award is made up of three level three units. 18 candidates max.
Train the Trainer 14/10/16 and 21/10/16, 17/03/17 and 24/03/17, 14/07/17 and 21/07/17 £100
This is a two day course. More information coming soon


Course title Start dates Cost
Discover Midwifery: What is it like to be a midwifery student?​ 28 April 2017 - Brentford
9 May 2017 - Reading
Course summary

This is a ‘not for credit’ course that will provide participants with an increased understanding about preparing for midwifery studies, the selection process and what to expect as a student midwife.

The event will provide attendees with opportunities for networking, finding good resources and discussing the challenges of emotional work, round the clock shifts and professional practice.

Timetables, student testimonials, textbooks and detailed course information will be available throughout the day for participants to read. For more information click the link above.


Course title Start dates Cost
Course summary
Requirements Elicitation To be announced £275
Knowing the necessary processes and techniques to elicit and formalise concepts and relationships in a given application domain is crucial. This course instructs on the employment of all of the relevant techniques (UML, Use Cases, Pseudo code, Interviews, etc) in this early and most important phase of Software Development.
Screenwriting Kickstarter To be announced £50
An intensive one day course delivered by BAFTA-winning writer, producer and director Dan Berlinka and Professor Jeremy Strong.
This experience is strongly focused on practical insights into the craft of screenwriting and offering relevant advice on finding your place in the industry.
Managing difficult conversations To be announced  
This course provides you with an understanding of the knowledge and skills for effective workplace problem resolution.
Workforce Planning for Business Effectiveness To be announced  
This two day workshop is designed to provide you with an understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary for effective workforce management. It will help you develop or sharpen your analytical and self-reflective skills, recognise and apply those skills essential to be an effective planner and expand your knowledge of the world of workforce planning, so that you may become more confident in your future managerial role.  You will build a workforce plan to develop team capacity and capability.
Decision Making in the Forensic Sciences To be announced  

This course provides attendees with the opportunity to:

  • understand types of decision making
  • see how decision making impacts on forensic investigations
  • practice forensic decision making in a safe learning environment.
Supervision in the Forensic Sciences To be announced  
This course provides attendees with the opportunity to:
  • understand the importance of supervision in the forensic context
  • explore various supervisory styles
  • practice forensic supervision in a safe learning environment.
Raising Finance – Crowdfunding and other alternatives for SMEs To be announced  

The emergency of Web 2.0 has transformed the social interactions. The online network enables people around the world to interact with each other.

Banks amended their lending criteria after the global financial crisis of 2008 which led to a sharp reduction of finance available for SMEs.

At the same time, the UK's peer-to-peer (P2P) lending increased 121% during 2013 alone, to £843 million. At the end of 2013, over 3,700 business borrowers, 70,000 consumer borrowers and more than 86,000 lenders were active in the UK’s P2P lending market.

We will look at the business model of two UK's P2P platforms: Funding Circle & Zopa and introduce you to the business model analytical framework, applicable to all business ventures.
Pitching for Finance To be announced  

As John Mullins, Professor of Management Practice at London Business School, writes: 'right now there are two million entrepreneurs in the UK actively engaged in starting a new business. Many of their ventures will never get off the ground. Off those that do, the majority will fail. Of those who submit business plans to banks, business angels or venture capitalists less than one per cent will be successful in raising the money'.

The aim of this workshop is not merely to move your business idea to the one per cent which secures financing.

We want you to avoid impending disaster, which is the likely outcome for most entrepreneurs.

Contracts and negotiations To be announced  
To provide the commercial awareness and knowledge required to help through each step of negotiating, constructing, drafting and managing commercial contracts.
Presentation Skills To be announced £275
This course provides attendees with the opportunity to:
  • explore the dos and don'ts of presentations
  • practice a range of techniques in a supportive learning environment
  • receive feedback to work on to improve this skill.
Applied MS Excel – data management and analysis To be announced £275
You will learn:
  • basic concepts and interface: cells, columns, worksheets, workbook
  • basic formulae: sum, average, standard deviations
  • more sophisticated formulae: 'vlookup', 'if' functions
  • creating templates for optimisation of data management
  • creating graphs and charts.
Photographic and Imaging Software To be announced £150
A course for beginners looking to acquire and enhance skills with the popular Photoshop and Lightroom packages. We will help you understand how to use appropriate software to import, sort, rate, edit, colour-correct, and make suitable adjustments to your digital images.
Introduction to Creative Writing To be announced £100

This course will introduce you to some of the key principles of creative writing. It involves a range of creative writing exercises as well as discussing the work of other writers. Participants will be emailed materials to read and will be expected to prepare modest writing tasks each week.

Led by Professor Jeremy Strong, the emphasis is on constructive dialogue with fellow participants and a commitment to share writing produced outside the workshop. The course culminates in the production of a short story.
Video Production To be announced £150
An introduction to the working practices of Video Production. From script to storyboard, camera lights and sound to capturing, organising, editing and exporting. This course will demystify the process of film-making, giving you the skills needed to make better video.
Digital Photography To be announced £150
These workshops are ideal as an introduction to contemporary digital photography. They have been designed for beginners and people who are keen to develop their photographic skills and learn more about the use of their digital camera, its settings and core functions. Participants will also learn about the art of taking a photograph, exposure and creative composition.
Introduction to Civil Litigation To be announced £275
This course gives a grounding in the principal areas of civil dispute resolution practice.
Introduction to Business Start-up To be announced £275
A one day introduction to setting up and running a small business, covering the legal and operation requirements and best-practice.
Digital Printing To be announced £150
Learn to produce beautiful prints of your images. An introductory course using the University of West London's dedicated digital printing facilities that will give you the skills to produce better prints at home. Our expert tutors will guide you through the process.
Stress Management for Wellbeing To be announced £275
This workshop has been designed to give managers and employees an opportunity to reflect on the contemporary issue of stress and how empowering and therapeutic techniques can be used as part of a management strategy.
Dealing with change To be announced £275
This course will help you deal with continuous organisational change. Using the Thomas-Kilmann conflict mode instrument we will address the following four objectives:
  • expanding self-awareness
  • developing awareness of others
  • assessing conflict situations
  • learning and applying new skills.
Better Diet for a Healthier Workforce To be announced £140
Have an overview of particular nutritional areas, such as 'good' and 'bad' fats, the importance of fruits and vegetables, blood sugar balance for sustained energy, lowering cholesterol levels and supporting the immune system. For each area, learn practical ways in which improvements can be made.
Secret to Success – utilising web 2.0 tools on business To be announced £375
Acquire advanced and professional knowledge in the area of digital marketing. Importantly, the key is to reveal the 'secret to success' which involves:  up-to-date business practices with the usage of Web 2.0 tools, the key elements in designing a personalised and engaging digital marketing strategy, and how to reach to the heart of the consumer.
Coaching skills for managers To be announced £275
An opportunity to find out what coaching is all about and how coaching skills help you as a manager to improve your line management relationships. 
SPSS – Confidence With Statistics To be announced £275

The course will cover:

  • basic concepts and interface: Data View and Variable, and the various fields available in each
  • descriptive statistics – obtaining frequencies, measures of central tendency and dispersion
  • brief revision of significance and hypothesis testing
  • choosing an appropriate test – including discovering whether your data is suitable for a parametric test
  • inferential statistics – t-tests, bivariate correlation, ANOVA.  
Learning from Users to Design Better Interactive Products To be announced £275
Acquire tools and techniques that will help you to learn from users to design better interactive products. Be instructed on how to define target user groups in usability evaluations in an iterative development cycle and the main methods and techniques for studying target users, their habits and their needs.
Modelling Enterprise Architecture To be announced £375
This course introduces the concepts behind Enterprise Architecture (EA) and the modelling language needed to effectively construct an Enterprise Architecture. Delegates will experience the development of an EA for an example organisation.
Effective Leadership To be announced £375
Sharpen your people management skills. The workshop will provide a hands on experience through case discussion, role play, questionnaire and reflective exercises. It will focus on how to build employee engagement, team work and trust. 
Consumer Law   To be announced £275
This course covers consumer transactions between business suppliers and private customers.
Leadership and Management Training To be announced £375
The training is designed to improve the leadership qualities of both employers and employees and provide them with the inspirational information they need to understand the attributes, behaviours and practices of a great leader in order to understand how they can be developed and applied effectively in their real-life role.
Introduction to Big Data Technologies To be announced £375
Be introduced to some of the current technologies used for big data. This course provides the knowledge to use new big data technologies and learn how to store and process big data sets and analyse the data to discover new insights and support decision making.
Current Trends in Corporate Governance: A Useful Agenda for Small and Medium Businesses To be announced £275
Integrate best practices on corporate governance to your businesses and improve their accountability and performance. Understand the role, duties and liabilities of directors, shareowners and stakeholders.
Achieving Excellence Through Service Experience To be announced £275

Welcome to the 'Experience Economy' and to the future trends in service experience.

Firms that pursue service excellence try to differentiate by exceeding customer expectations. Making this 'promise' is important but, even more important than that is to actually enable that promise. This is where 'internal marketing' plays an essential role.

As a result, in this course we will present two models COSE (Customer Orientation of Service Employees) and IMO (Internal Market Orientation) and their relation with satisfaction and commitment. Additionally, we will also present a framework to implement this model for building a positive customer experience.  The challenges leading to success or failures of these models will be presented through best practices case study examples in live companies.

Network Relationships: Developing Supply Chain Relationships for Quality Improvement To be announced £275
The risks associated with increased outsourcing of activities are real and palpable. As a result there is a pressing need for businesses to contemplate mechanisms to control quality throughout their supply chain. A solution might be the development of closer relationships within the supply chain. Following this, the present course focuses on the development of network relationships towards the implementation and improvement of quality throughout the supply chain.
Dealing with Workplace Stress Through Mindfulness To be announced £275

This course provides attendees with an introduction and opportunity to:

  • understand the theoretical foundations and underpinnings of mindfulness
  • critically understand the psychological mechanisms behind mindfulness and the science that underpins their utility
  • gain first hand, practical experience of mindfulness based exercises (a whole body mindfulness exercise will be used to give participants experience of this).
Business Startup: Idea to Action To be announced £375
This two-day professional short course intends to provide you with a working knowledge of starting a business in the UK. You will learn the basic requirements for starting a business and develop an understanding of marketing tools in the business start-up process.