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Dr Nasser Matoorian

Dr Nasser Matoorian

Senior Lecturer - IT
Job title:
Senior Lecturer - IT
Higher qualifications:

BSc Combined Studies: Applied Physics and Mathematics (Manchester Polytechnic), Phd (Manchester Polytechnic/UMIST)

Research and scholarly output:


Matoorian, N. (1987) Doctoral thesis: Capacitance transducers for concentration measurements in two component flow.


Research degree supervision:



Role in team

Thesis title

Roland Fortune Second supervisor Contextual Awareness and Internalised Knowledge for Smart Objects within the Internet of Things (IoT).
Jack McKenzie Second supervisor Suitable Software Architecture for Real-time Big Data Analytics using Complex Event Processing
Fehmida Mohamedali Principal supervisor Complex Event Processing techniques for conducting time delay measurements between patterns of composite events.
Reema Noon Second supervisor Development of Context-Aware Visualization for Big Data