How the University works

Secretariat information

The University calendar has been split by chapter to help download times.  All downloadable files are in pdf format.

Chapter 1: University's Strategic Plan including sub plans

Chapter 2: Glossary of educational, quality and University specific terminology - under review

Chapter 3: Abbreviations and acronyms - under review

Chapter 4: Session calendar

Chapter 6: University governance

Chapter 7: Money matters 2012-13 - see student handbook, pages 36 - 40

Chapter 8: Schedule of awards of the University - under review

Chapter 9: Alumni society

Chapter 10: Index of University policies, guidelines and procedures

Chapter 11: Health and Safety: Statement of intent - under review

Chapter 13: Professional advisers (pdf, 92 kb)

Chapter 14: Collaborative partnerships

Chapter 15: Recognised trade unions (pdf, 64 kb)

Chapter 16: University's robemaker (pdf, 87 kb)

Chapter 17: Academic regulations, policies and procedure - see student handbook

Chapter 18: Assessments: undergraduate - see undergraduate supplement of student handbook

Chapter 19: Assessments: postgraduate - see postgraduate supplement of student handbook

Chapter 20: Accreditation of Prior (Experiential) Learning - under review

Chapter 21: Research degree regulations (pdf, 287 kb)