How the University works


Achievement 2023

We have published our strategic plan for 2018 - 2023.

Download our full strategic plan (1.9 mb).


To inspire our students to become innovative and creative professionals connecting them to exciting and rewarding careers.




To be a career focussed, professionally engaged, modern university of quality.

Our commitments:

At the heart of the plan is a series of commitments which form the bond between the University, our students, stakeholders, and partners. The commitments are accompanied by pairs of strategic drivers which are shaped by two headings: what we do well; and what we’ll do better. The latter is expressed in key objectives which will be measured by a range of high level key performance indicators. We therefore commit ourselves to:

1. Offering a transformative educational experience
2. Being a model for quality, affordable higher education
3. Producing impactful research
4. Providing exceptional work-related career opportunities
5. Being an engine of innovation and enterprise
6. Being financially and environmentally sustainable
7. Offering an enriching work environment
8. Investing in the future
9. Establishing a global learning network.

Download our full strategic plan (1.9 mb).

*Modern universities are defined as higher education institutions that were granted university status in, and subsequent to, 1992.