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Strategic plan and other strategies

Strategic plan 2013 - 2018
Strategic plan 2013 - 2018

We have published our strategic plan for 2013 - 2018.

Download our full strategic plan (pdf, 1.6 mb)


To be a sector leading institution specialising in the education and development of ‘creative professionals'.


To raise aspiration through the pursuit of excellence.

Values and principles

  • Student-centred
  • Useful
  • Challenging
  • Inclusive
  • Open and accountable.

Core objective

By 2018 our aim is to have three academic areas of international standing and the highest graduate employment rate in the UK.

Specifically we will:

  • be consistently the best modern university in London*
  • be ranked in the top 100 universities in the UK
  • be the university with the highest graduate employment rate in the UK
  • have three academic areas of international standing.

Download our full strategic plan (pdf, 1.6 mb)

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

We have published our Learning Teaching and Assessment Strategy 2013 - 2018, Create Excellence (pdf, 910 kb). The Strategy is focused around the themes of Creativity and core skills; Research-informed learning, teaching and assessment; Employability; Applying useful knowledge; Technology-enhanced learning; and Engagement.

UWL has been awarded a TEF Silver. According to the panel the UWL submission demonstrated evidence of:

  • A strategic approach to course design and assessment practices which employers value highly and which stretches, challenges and supports students
  • embedded high quality peer mentoring and targeted financial support programmes to support student engagement
  • investment in high quality physical and digital resources used by students to enhance learning, with students fully involved in the strategic design of facilities in partnership with the University
  • embedding developments from the forefront of research, scholarship or practice within academic programmes
  • the implementation of an institutional culture that facilitates, recognises and rewards excellent teaching across the University.

The second year of our Teaching Excellence Framework is now available to download as well. 

Access Agreement

The University's access agreements can be found on the Office for Fair Access website.

Access agreements set out how institutions will sustain or improve access and student success, which includes retention, attainment and employability. An access agreement includes:

  • Proposed tuition fee limits
  • Access and student success measures the University intends to put in place
  • How much these measures will cost
  • Targets and milestones
  • How the University is going to tell students about financial support
*Modern universities are defined as higher education institutions that were granted university status in, and subsequent to, 1992.