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Foundation Year courses

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We offer a foundation year for a number of different courses

There are many reasons for students joining the Foundation Year rather than starting directly at Credit Level 4.  Some students join because they didn’t have the right A levels for their specialism and they need to fill gaps in their knowledge. Some students don’t have quite the right A level grades but don’t want to go back to school or college. Some have been at work for a few years and left school without A levels, some have been living abroad, and some just want to change direction with their career. What they all have in common, is that they are giving themselves the best possible start in their University career.

Whatever your starting point, the Foundation Year offers a firm grounding in the underpinning skills and knowledge that you will need to survive at University.  We will work on written skills, and spend a lot of time making sure that your maths skills are strong enough to see you through your degree.  You will learn about University life (and experience it) so that by the time you get to Credit Level 4 you will be in a really strong position to get the most from your studies. 

How does the Foundation Year fit in?

We offer a Foundation Year for a number of different degree courses.  You can specialise in Sound Engineering, Construction Management, Architectural Technology or Civil Engineering pathways, as well as Computing.  Most of the classes undertaken during the Foundation Year are the same on all degree courses, with some specialist modules depending on which degree you are enrolled on. You will also have the opportunity to pursue your chosen specialism when you undertake the project module. At the end of the year, you will join Credit Level 4 of your chosen degree, and continue to work towards  Honours Degree.

See a full list of Foundation Year courses.

'I didn't know what to expect of a foundation year, I thought we are going to learn only some basic information, related to our class, which has proven to be true, but I also encountered some challenging tasks. I have never used Python before, and it scared me at the beginning, but with Chris's help, I managed to understand and to like Python.'

Andrei Padure, BSc (Hons) Creative Computing with Foundation Year