School of Computing and Engineering

Shrestha, Sujan

PhD student profile

Research group: Sociotechnical Centre for Innovation and User Experience

Research topic

Exploring mobile learning opportunities and challenges in Nepal: the potential of open-source platforms


The increasing access to affordable mobile devices in developing countries has expedited its exploration to support teaching and learning. The number of pilots and projects embracing mobile devices as learning tools is also rapidly growing. More and more, the important role that it can play in improving education is positively received within education communities. But, providing a sustainable mobile learning service is still significantly difficult. It requires a broader study to investigate its potential to successfully adapt to the limitations of developing countries as supporting mobile learners in their own socio-cultural contexts is challenging. In response to this difficulty, this research presents the sustainable model for deploying and supporting mobile technology for education in a context of public schools which is based on the findings emerging from completed exploratory studies.


Dr John Moore, Dr Jose Abdelnour-Nocera