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Austin, Ann

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Research group: Sociotechnical Centre for Innovation and User Experience

Research topic

Human-Computer Interaction Education:  the cognitive profile of students, educators and practitioners


Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) education involves the study of the users’ experience of interactive systems and products, with the aim of understanding the issues, and developing systems that improve the usability and the user experience of interactive systems and products.  This project intends to extend the existing research by investigating the extent to which the cognitive style of the professional, whether practitioner or educator, determines the approach to practice in the field, or ascribes particular significance to tools or techniques when delivering the curriculum.  Alongside this, it examines the cognitive profile of HCI students and compares it with the key requirements of the HCI curriculum.  A better understanding of these two areas will serve to support the educational experience of the students and to strengthen the HCI curriculum.


Dr Jose Abdelnour-Nocera, Prof. Dr. Thomas Roth-Berghofer