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Cabrero, Daniel G.

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Research group: Sociotechnical Centre for Innovation and User Experience

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User-Created Personas: A Four Case-Study on Personas created by OvaHerero, Ovambo, OvaHimba and Koi San in pastoral and urban Namibia


Moving from User-Centred to Participatory approaches in the design and development of technologies is an undisputable fact supported by current social movements, unforeseeable political changes and the inestimable help of social media and other technological collaborative tools. This project currently investigates User-Created Persona (UCP) by Indigenous OvaHerero, Ovambo, OvaHimba and Koi San in pastoral and urban Namibia.

The aim of this research is two-fold:

  • to investigate and expand upon the scarcity of empirical persona research as a communicative artefact for usability and User Experience (UX) in technology design, in particular in locales beyond the Western influence, and
  • towards the co-design, co-development and deployment of an Indigenous Knowledge (IK) Crowdsourcing Management System for rural communities in Namibia.


User-Centred Design; Participatory Design; Personas; Cultural Usability; User eXperience 


Dr Jose Abdelnour-Nocera