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Gheitasy, Ali

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Research group: Sociotechnical Centre for Innovation and User Experience

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Designing for Online Collaborative Consumption: A study of sociotechnical gaps and social capital


This study attempts to investigate sociotechnical gaps in online collaborative consumption (OCC) to improve user experience and provide better design requirements. A new approach is proposed to evaluate usability and sociability of the OCC communities. The formation of social capital within OCC will also be studied to gain insights into design requirements. Due to its features as a community where OCC takes place, ETSY will be the focus of this study.


Online Collaborative Consumption (OCC); Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW); Sociotechnical gap; Social Capital; usability, sociability and user experience (UX) 


Dr Jose Abdelnouir-Nocera, Prof Dimitrios Rigas