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The School engages in a variety of ways with our industry partners, from a few hours of training or advice, internships, through to contract research.  We have a host of experience with Knowledge Transfer initiatives, such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships through the Technology Strategy Board (TSB). 

Two recent KTP examples are ARC Technology Ltd and Mammoth Graphics where we have enhanced and streamlined software development processes and worked with mobile and second screen applications respectively.     

ARC Technology Ltd

At ARC Technology Ltd we are delighted with the results of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme carried out with the University of West London and the KTP Associate. The project is enabling us to enhance and streamline our software solutions, and further strengthen our exposure within the Higher Education market.

Mammoth Graphics

Working with the University of West London has been fantastic. The professionalism and know-how has exceeded our expectations. We always thought we were good at what we do but the University of West London has taken our work to another level.

Our staff in Computing and technology have also worked on a variety of other funded projects including EU FP7, EPRSC, JISC, through to smaller projects, such as Knowledge connect which was a London Development Scheme:


Our association with the University of West London and Knowledge connect had hidden benefits for our business causing us to think clearly about our processes and undertake housekeeping activities that improved the business overall.

The School is very pleased to work with industry to develop internships and student led projects, from short undergraduate projects through to sponsored doctoral research.  Please contact us to discuss how we can work together. 

To find out how the University of West London can help you reach your business goals please contact us on 020 8231 2038. 


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