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Building Performance and Climate Change


Our climate is changing and the results of that are already visible. Climate change will significantly affect the performance of the current building stock. UWL’s research group, 'Building performance and climate change', examines how the performance of various types of buildings will be affected by the climate change.

Researchers participating in the group are working on various projects regarding the energy and thermal performance of buildings. More specifically, research projects look into the effect of climate change on commercial and residential buildings, adaptation measures for residential buildings from the 1930s to meet future energy requirements, resilience of buildings to extreme weather events and the effect of various technologies on the thermal performance and energy requirements of commercial and residential buildings. Study of the examined topics is performed using combination of simulation modelling including computational fluid dynamic, experimental and field work.

In more detail, building characteristics that are examined include sizing of mechanical ventilation, lighting design, various façade types, window to wall ratio, internal conditions and thermal comfort. Research projects aim to identify solutions that will improve the thermal and energy performance of the examined buildings, reduce their carbon emissions, provide thermal comfort conditions for the occupants and increase their resilience to climate change.

These studies are collaborative projects with industry partners including, The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), XP Solutions and Hilton Worldwide.

Current research themes include:

  • Improvement in building energy efficiency.
  • Estimation and validation of energy consumption in new and existing buildings.
  • Strategies and technologies to improve building energy efficiency.
  • Renewable energy.
  • Heat recovery, cogeneration or tri-generation systems.
  • Building refurbishment and retrofitting.
  • Extreme weather events resilience buildings.
  • Building simulation modelling.  

Our aims are to:

  • Expand internal and external collaboration for our climate change projects and proposals.
  • Promote the research in energy , sustainable design and climate change.
  • Provide support to group members developing expertise in these research areas, including PhD students.
  • Build a platform to explore the implications for practice of our research.
  • Offer a contact point for Engineers and Architects in this area.


Dr Ali Bahadori-Jahromi (Head)
Associate Professor in Civil Engineering, University of West London

Dr Anastasia Mylona
Research Manager, The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)

Dr Paulina Godfrey
Engineering Operations EMEA, Hilton Worldwide

Mr Darren Cook
Vice President Engineering Operations EMEA, Hilton Worldwide

Current PhD candidates

Jonathan Hubert
Thesis title: Adapting older UK homes to meet future energy use requirements

Abdulazeez Juwon Rotimi    
Thesis title: Impact of the Uses of Various Technologies on the Thermal Performance and Efficiency of UK Hotel Buildings: Application to Hilton worldwide Hotels

Athanasios Lykartsis
Thesis title: Resilience of buildings to extreme weather events

Contact us

Please contact Dr Ali Bahadori-Jahromi to register your interest in joining the group or to apply for PhD position. Email: