School of Computing and Engineering

Distributed Computing and Security Research Group

Group members

The Distributed Computing and Security Research Group consists of the following member of staff at the School of Computing and Engineering, University of West London:

Research Interests

The research group conducts research in a broad area of distributed computing and security including:

  • Big data and IoT processing platform, analytics and applications
  • Cloud computing, high-performance computing technologies and applications
  • Security in distributed computing, cloud computing, big data and IoT
  • AI techniques in data security and privacy such as risk-aware access control, securing data provenance, sharing personal data
Research projects
  • A Proxy Credential Auditing Infrastructure for the UK e-Science National Grid Service
    Funded by UK Jisc, this project developed a proxy certificate auditing infrastructure and demonstrated a solution that enables a thorough auditing and monitoring of proxy credential usage in widely distributed and heterogeneous research environments exemplified by the UK National Grid Service.
  • A Self-organizing Community Detection Algorithm for Large-scale Social Network
    Funded by Amazon Research Grant program, this project presents a self-organizing community detection algorithm for large-scale networks, based on the idea of swarm intelligence. The results can help to understand the behaviours of individual members in a large social network, interaction models between members, as well the properties of belonging communities as a whole. The algorithm and tool will be tested and evaluated on Amazon cloud platform.
Doctoral Research

The research group welcomes applications from students interested in conducting PhD study in any aforementioned research areas. Visit our doctoral research page to see possible topics of study.

For more information about the research group, please contact Dr Wei Jie (via email at

Research Publications (since 2010)

Journal papers

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Miranda Zhang, Rajiv Ranjan, Michael Menzel, Surya Nepal, Peter Strazdins, Wei Jie and Lizhe Wang. A Cloud Infrastructure Service Recommendation System for Optimizing Real-time QoS Provisioning Constraints of Big Data Processing Applications. IEEE System Journal, 2015.

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Conference papers

Hanlin Sun, Wei Jie, et al. A Self-Organizing Algorithm for Community Structure Analysis in Complex Networks. The 17th IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Parallel/Distributed Computing (SNPD 2016), China, May 2016.

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Christopher Bayliss, Richard Sinnott, Wei Jie and Junaid Arshad. A Proxy Credential Auditing Infrastructure for UK e-Science National Grid Service. The 11th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Grid Computing (Grid 2010), Brussels, Belgium, Oct 2010.