School of Computing and Engineering

Sociotechnical Research Group for Innovation and User Experience

Picture of two students at a computer

The Sociotechnical Research Group for Innovation and User Experience aims to support the design and development of systems that meet all the needs of end users globally. We focus on the international and sociotechnical design of interactive systems.

Our research sets out to increase knowledge of cultural differences in the process and product of design of interactive systems. In doing this, there are two challenges that need to be addressed:

  • Computer science and interdisciplinary challenges that need to be addressed in order to provide tools, techniques and methods that can be used by technology developers and interaction designers.

    We research the differing nature of these challenges in both the commercial and international development domains.

  • Institutional and governmental challenges to overcome resistance to change so that new tools, techniques and methods are actually implemented commercially.

    Implicit here is the requirement to collaborate with academics and practitioners internationally, both in promoting human-computer interaction, user experience and usability generally and localising the discipline itself, particularly in developing countries.