School of Computing and Engineering

Civil and Structural Engineering

The Civil and Structural Engineering Research Group covers a broad area, including:

  • Computational modelling and structural design
  • Structural simulation and blast analysis
  • Structural strengthening and rehabilitation, strengthening method
  • Building information modelling and civil engineering
  • Energy efficiency and building performance
  • Application of computational modelling for civil engineering
  • Building defect pathology
  • Application of civil engineering surveying
  • Procurement of infrastructure projects

Research in Civil and Structural Engineering has focus on simulation and computational modelling. This encompasses the traditional research areas in structural engineering, as well as more recent developments in structural analysis and numerical modelling. This in turn includes development and application of finite element and optimisation techniques for problems in structural mechanics.

Our research group has established connections with the construction industry, (e.g. Intelligent Building System Ltd and Consultants for Construction Innovation C4Ci) and benefits from highly qualified researchers, including chartered civil engineers and chartered surveyors.

We have provided technical research on advanced land survey methods, and the keynote speaker for the national road show events (run to launch the publication of the RICS Guidance Note Boundaries, 4th Edition 2014).

The group has several PhD students working in civil, structure and construction topics, including:

  1. Evaluation of structural performance under the blast loading
  2. Comparative study of sustainable drainage systems
  3. An evaluation of environmental assessment methods
  4. Sustainable means of disposal for UK construction waste
  5. Impact of future climate change on UK building performance
  6. Government’s influence on the implementation of BIM.

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I am always interested in students who wish to undertake high quality PhD research. Please feel free to contact me for details on funding and application procedures.

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