School of Computing and Engineering

Information Management

Our interests lie in five key areas:

  • knowledge management
  • information management
  • organisational information strategy and policy (including corporate and business communication)
  • library and information services
  • education and learning (including information and computer literacy).

We have significant interest in education, information and development in Africa, having researched and written on this area, as well as undertaken consultancy for non-governmental organizations.

There is a strong interest in diversity, social exclusion and public libraries and information services.

Within this area, we highlight:

  • information policy
  • social science information
  • business strategy
  • applications to practice.

Professional communication and publishing also feature in the portfolio of interests.

Two members of the group are involved with VISTAS: Education, Economy and Community, the new University of West London journal.

We currently support research degree students with interests in:

  • Public sector ICT in the UK planning sector
  • ICT in small and micro-sized businesses in Ethiopia
  • Library usability, library experience and user satisfaction in higher education
  • Health information provision.

Emerging projects with research degree students include:

  • usability of e-learning platforms
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in business environments