School of Computing and Engineering

Model-driven Software Engineering

Model-based software engineering is a collection of tools and techniques that use models to improve the software development process.

Models allow the engineer to ignore the details and to focus on the key features of the abstract application.

Development processes can be modelled in order to improve the scope for computer support; models also allow application code to be generated efficiently.

What we do

At the Model-Based Software Engineering Group, we undertake research projects that improve and apply modelling techniques.

Our staff have been involved with the definition of Unified Modelling Language (UML) and the development of commercial modelling tools used by international banks and aerospace companies.

We have experience of working with high-profile companies including British Aerospace Systems and IBM.

We have been involved as lead or partner in six separate JISC funded projects and have received funds in excess of £600,000.

The COVARM, P-SPEX, MPLAT, COVa, REMORA and MCMS projects have explored the relationship between modelling, technology and e-learning including mobile and data-mining.