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Our courses
BA (Hons) Broadcast and Digital Journalism 

The Broadcast and Digital Journalism course provides the skills and understanding needed to embark on a career in broadcasting and web-based journalism.

On this course, you will develop and learn a range of skills to prepare you for the stimulating, demanding and exciting world of working with social media and digital technologies alongside radio and television.

The course design and delivery takes into account the rapidly developing news media landscape, and therefore you will be trained in a variety of journalistic forms, including video, radio and digital Journalism. 

You will have the opportunity to gain valuable and relevant industry based work experience which will give you an insight into the employment opportunities within the sector. 

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BA (Hons) Journalism 

The BA (Hons) Journalism course takes into account the rapidly developing news media landscape.

Since contemporary Journalism has shifted away from traditionalist ideas, this course has been designed to train you in a verity of journalistic forms such as video, radio and photojournalism.  

As a result, you will be equipped with the ability to not only produce written work, but also to produce and edit video and audio material, in addition to updating and moderating online content. 

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Foundation Year degrees

Our BA (Hons) Broadcast and Digital Journalism with Foundation Year and BA (Hons) Journalism with Foundation Year are four-year courses that begin with a foundation year which has been designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to continue onto the BA degree courses. 


BBC presenter Julian Worricker