London School of Film, Media and Design

Virtual tour

The London School of Film and Design has a range of industry-level facilities that are used across a number of courses.

A motion capture studio, radio studios, knitting and sewing machine rooms and digital design studios are just some of the tailored rooms on offer to UWL students.

Discover all the Film, Media and Design facilities with our virtual tour. If you wish to view more of the University of West London then you can view bespoke tours of all our sites:

Some of the facilities and rooms have been redeveloped since the initial photography took place, so the University's current layout may differ from that of the virtual tour.

If you would like to see the facilities in person then please attend one of our upcoming Open Days or Campus Tours.

The virtual tour features promotional material around campus which celebrates UWL’s success as a modern, career-focused university. Modern universities are higher education institutions that were granted university status in, or after, 1992 and the ranking shown for UWL is compared to all other modern universities ranked in 2017. Employment figures quoted are from the Employment Performance Indicators released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency in 2017. The Overall Satisfaction score shown is compared to other modern universities in London, based on the results of question 27 of the 2017 National Student Survey.