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Text and Performance

This course challenges traditional boundaries between theatrical styles, forms, genres and roles through the formation of a company of actors, musicians and creative practitioners to explore, question and experiment with recent developments in theatre and performance.

Why choose this course? 

This course is aimed at those students who wish to develop broader creative skillsets alongside a core actor training programme and offers a historical overview of and theoretical and practical grounding in European and American art movements as they impact upon contemporary theatrical practice.

The creation of a broad knowledge-base will enable challenging and innovative creative practice to emerge within the context of new writing, devised theatre and the investigation of experimental forms alongside reinterpretation of existing repertoire.

Graduates will have the ability to create and interpret theatrical works as performers, directors and writers; and to assess and critique artistic practice effectively; thus leading to career opportunities in theatre as well as the wider performing arts and associated industries.

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BA (Hons) Text and Performance
BA (Hons) Text and Performance with Foundation Year

Text and performnace students on stage

What our students say

I'm acquiring so many different skills (writing, directing, dramaturgy) with a brilliant core focus on acting. I'm getting fantastic training in a wide range of subjects. Before the course I had no confidence to even write in private. Now I’m writing something different every day and I feel comfortable enough to show other people my work. There’s no limit to what I can do, and whatever I do choose to do, I'm fully supported with. On this course, they encourage and nurture our individualism, we really get to experiment and explore, and we find out what we enjoy and what we need to improve on. We get fantastic networking opportunities, and get Q&A sessions with working professionals and make contacts which could come in useful in the future. I have no doubt in my mind that by the time I complete this course I will be an employable professional, with so many strings to my artistic bow. - Current student.