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Voice in Performance

BA (Hons) Voice in Performance
BA (Hons) Voice in Performance with Foundation Year

This is an intensive course, designed to consolidate your vocal study and skills of both sung and spoken voice. Your studies will aim to prepare you for a career in performance and/or performance related pathways with reference to aspects of vocal performance.

This course gives you a comprehensive understanding of the voice, anatomy and physiology developing your understanding of self and subject. We will also explore the exciting ways in which the voice can communicate a range of narratives from different cultures and genres.

Why choose this course?

The course fulfils many of the expectations of this ever-demanding performance industry. Through this course you will gain expertise in your chosen specialist subject, study relevant analysis and theory and be prepared for employment within music theatre, theatre and other contemporary related industries.

Our learning environment works with existing and emerging technology in both performance and production.

In the final year of study these skills will be placed into a professional context with the opportunity to shadow and assist with final year graduate performances and productions within the University and other relevant Institutions.

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BA (Hons) Voice in Performance
BA (Hons) Voice in Performance with Foundation Year

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