London College of Music

Darren Clark

'Since graduating from LCM in 2009 I have been continuing my quest to never work a 'real' job. I have been a professional roadie and am now also working as a freelance live sound engineer.

As a roadie or member of 'local crew' I work all over London in various venues; from the O2 to Scala. I load and unload the equipment for acts like Roger Waters, Lady GaGa, Fleetwood Mac and sometimes, even Chris De Burg. The main shows I do are big rock and roll gigs; it is extremely hard work but really satisfying and great fun. You get to meet all kinds of people; David Hasselhoff for instance.

More recently I have been working in the Middle East as an audio engineer at a new conference centre in Doha Qatar. I work here for a few months at a time on conferences for corporate events. The equipment they have here is world class and the international crew are superb to work with.

As a musician first, I have continued to pursue composition. An experimental project involving myself and another MA graduate, Shaun Crook, has had its first album released worldwide by a label in Ohio, on cassette tape! We have new material ready and are working on a follow-up. Taking the quadraphonic show on the road is the next challenge.

I would like to thank all the lecturers, technicians and staff at LCM for doing such a terrific job. My time studying will be treasured and believe it or not, I miss it sometimes'

Darren Clark