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Joaquin Albero

Chimo is a Spanish Live Sound Engineer based in London. Since he finished his degree, he hasn't stopped working with bands around London as a Front of House Engineer. Currently, he is working as one of the in-house Sound Engineers at Rich Mix, where he has achieved a great level of professionalism as a real-time troubleshooter and a FoH engineer.

The diversity of events being held on this venue has given him a good overview of all the different aspects of live sound, from conferences to eleven piece bands, going through theatre, dance, etc.

'It's been a great experience for me to be working at Rich Mix. As a FoH engineer, I'm always delighted to be working with bands from all over the world, as well as this brings me the chance to be constantly challenged by the most uncommon instruments. We are mainly focus on World Music, even though we'll be hosting any kind of genre, and this is a good advantage for me to firmly step into any type of band with confident.

From time to time I'd also be doing lights, which is great fun, and once again gaining my skills.'

Outside Rich Mix, Chimo is working as a freelance doing live sound for different venues, recording on location and online mixing at his home studio. As well as getting involve with some organisations, both promoting arts and giving support to communities by this last.

Chimo is a passionate person who loves sound and all the aspects it entails. This continues to make him constantly expand his knowledge, by ongoing learning and ongoing practicing.

It was big time for me at LCM, as I could get studio time nearly at any time when being organised, and well, that is the key I'd say, spending endless days and nights at (studios) EFS 1 and at Vestry 1 just trying all the different equipment, and well, routing signals on the most awkward ways just to see the random effects I could get. I also remember almost getting locked in at (studio) LRC 1 a random Friday night because of being so much into my mix that even the security didn't realise I was there.

Joaquin Albero

Joaquin Albero