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Josie Jackson

Here's an update from Josie...                                       Josie Jackson                                       

'In July 2012 I got a job as a runner at Halo Post, and in February 2013, I got promoted to audio assistant / mix technician.

It's been a whirlwhind.. At Halo we have tv dubbing studios but also two Dolby Premier theatres working on films. Film is ultimately what I want to get into, and I've been pretty lucky in that since starting in audio, I've mix tech'd on three films - About Time (a Richard Curtis rom-com which is really funny), Made of Stone (Shane Meadows documentary about the Stone Roses, which was a lot of fun), and into the final mix at the moment of Long Walk To Freedom, a Nelson Mandela biog.

Our main studio, Theatre one, is immense. We have an AMS Neve DFC console which I'm slowly scratching the surface of (so much to learn), it's definitely a steep learning-curve to say the least.. Brilliant observing and being a part of the whole film mix process, the politics and interactions between mixers and directors as well as the technical / creative process.'