London College of Music

Louise Brown

Louise graduated in BA Music Technology specialist in 2007. She now works as a project manager, office manager and sound designer.Louise Brown

'I chose University of West London for the work experience opportunities which I might have missed out on if I'd studied elsewhere.

My story

My time spent at University of West London and the London College of Music provided me with a wide variety of skills to successfully enable me to seek and secure rewarding employment within my chosen field.

I specifically chose University of West London as the modules that were on offer allowed me to gain an insight into many different areas of music technology.

I now work at Radium Audio as a project manager, office manager and sound designer where I am able to apply what I learnt over the course of my degree. My work involves organising and managing all on-going projects, liaising with clients and designing sound to picture.

My top three achievements

  • Leaving full time factory work to obtain a BTEC National Diploma in Music Technology.
  • Succeeding in gaining work in my chosen field less than two years after graduating.
  • Leaving my home town.'