London College of Music

Sam Barnes

It was while studying Music Technology that my obsession for contemporary art grew. I was fascinated by the industry and new fairly early on that Sam Barnesunless I was playing guitar, my future would primarily be in art rather than music.

I was already making contacts in the art world by the end of my degree. Perhaps a sensible move would have been to change courses and study Art History but I carried on because I absolutely love music production and was having a lot of fun. I do not regret my decision at all.

After graduating, I started to work for Paul Fryer who is a prominent artist in London and a friend of my father (also an artist) on his first major solo show with All Visual Arts. After that show, I carried on as his assistant for a year before moving on to working for All Visual Arts directly where, after a three month internship, I was hired full time.

I have been at the gallery for three years and am now the Exhibitions Coordinator. It‘'s fantastic because I get to meet so many interesting people, plan huge shows and work closely with the artists and clients. One of the best moments was having Elton John visit the gallery and going to his house to help the artists install the work he bought. It is extremely glamorous and we are treated like royalty which suits me down to the ground!

As for music, I play guitar in a band called Outside Asylum and record and produce our music which keeps me sane. I will also be setting up a small writing and publishing team this year to keep my musical cravings satisfied when we are not gigging.