London College of Music

Sandor Jozsa

Sandor Jozsa writes, produces and arranges music. He completed a first class degree in BA Music Technology before achieving a distinction in MA Sandor JozsaAudio Technology.

'My time at University of West London was extremely beneficial. With the invaluable guidance of a great team of lecturers I've broadened my skills and become more objective.

My story

Completing two courses at LCM was time well spent because I knew what I wanted to learn and had the opportunity to develop with the advice of committed lecturers. The most vital things will always be unwritten, but what I learned for sure is that the secret is in the details.I write, produce and arrange music and I have a lot of work as a freelancer. Among other great companies, I've worked for the BBC, World Music Network and West One Music. It's hard work but I get a lot out of my career and with ambition and drive, I know I've got an exciting career ahead.My advice to future University of West London students is to figure out what they really want from their lives, apart from a luxury apartment, a few sports cars and a super model girlfriend. Once you start a course which is appropriate to those goals, complete it with the strongest dedication, because these years will affect and determine your life - be the best you can and most importantly enjoy it.

My top three achievements

  • Co-writing with producer Paul Borg for the album Indie Rock & Pop Vol 2 (Released in June 2009 by West One Music).
  • Working on BBC TV series Robin Hood as an engineer.
  • Working as the recording engineer on two albums released by World Music Network (Desert Crossroads by Etran Finatawa and Introducing Mamane Barka by Mamane Barka.'