London College of Music

Tim Ross

Tim Ross graduated from the London College of Music with a degree in Composition (BMus) in 2008 and now works as a music producer, Tim Rossorchestrator and composer.

'I benefited enormously from the tutors' experience and vast knowledge of music, which has enabled me to begin and maintain a professional career in a difficult industry.

My story

Alongside helping me develop my music composition skills, University of West London gave me the grounding I needed to fit into a professional working environment.

I have great respect and admiration for my lecturers at LCM who dedicated so much time and effort into teaching. I was never short of guidance and support from passionate people who genuinely wanted me to succeed.

My top three achievements

  • Scoring music for a full BBC TV documentary series called 'Life Matters' (and incidental music for Top Gear too)
  • Producing, playing on and orchestrating three full albums for release on Universal (one of which has achieved double platinum status in Eire)
  • Scoring strings for indie bands and artists such as Laura & The Tears and Phildel.'