London College of Music

LCM alumni lands a role in 'The Book of Mormon'

Brianna OgunbawoWe're delighted that Brianna Ogunbawo, a recent graduate of the BA (Hons) Musical Theatre course has landed a role in 'The Book of Mormon' at the Prince of Wales Theatre. Read her story below:

'I was in absolute shock when my agent called to tell me that I'd landed a role in The Book of Mormon. I had auditioned the previous year but was unfortunate in getting a part that time, so to land a part this time felt so surreal. It was an absolute blessing and I was so happy that everything I'd worked for over the years had finally paid off.

The audition process was actually quite short as I only had three rounds in the space of two weeks, compared to the six rounds over the space of two months the previous year. I prepared audition material which was workshopped in the audition and I also had dance rounds.

The most important lessons I learned from LCM is professionalism and preparation. I spent one year auditioning for many roles before I landed my first job and these are the two things that I applied with every audition. It helped boost my self confidence and made me feel 100% prepared for every audition.

One lesson I've learned since graduating is to never ever give up. As cheesy as it sounds, it's one of the reasons I landed a role in The Book of Mormon. There were times when I wanted to give up because I felt that even though all of my auditions were going well, I wasn't getting anywhere. However, I didn't give up - I knew that this was the industry I had spent years training for, and I really believed that my first job would be coming round, which it did. Giving up wasn't an option, and I'm so glad I didn't because it landed me my first professional show and then led me to The Book of Mormon.'

More information available at West End Frame.