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Staff and postgraduate students at the London College of Music are engaged in a range of research specialisms that combine practice-led research and advanced professional practice with theoretical and technical analyses of various types.

Research specialisms

The London College of Music's research specialisms are particularly important to the third theme in the University's strategic plan: to create and disseminate useful knowledge. They also underpin the university's ambition to continue to provide a career-focused student experience by being fundamentally about creative practice.

Practice as research
There are two main areas of practice as research in LCM - composition and recording – but the department is also highly involved in the development of new approaches to documenting and analysing practice as research in a range of disciplines. One feature of this has been the extensive program of industry speakers invited to give guest lectures, workshops and masterclasses about their professional practice. Read more about practice as research.

LCM has a highly eclectic approach to musicology that incorporates interpreting recorded popular music, performance studies, contemporary music and spirituality, French organ music and music pedagogy.  Read more about Musicology.
Record production
LCM is a world leader in research into record production. Further details can also be found in the sections on 'Practice as research', 'Musicology' and in the 'Current research projects section', but we also have cutting edge research being conducted into recording and mixing practice, and expert systems, audio engineering and mixing.  Read more about record production.
Performance research
Performance is the life blood of LCM, forming the base of the school. PhD students and staff are continuously conducting research into new performance techniques in order to push performance at LCM further, as well as to positively impact the teaching and learning process at the University. Read more about performance research.

Research degrees

The London College of Music offers both DMus and MPhil/PhD research degrees. The MPhil/PhD can be either a thesis based study or also involve practice as research. The DMus differs from the PhD by being more concerned with innovation in creative practice as opposed to a practice as research PhD which is more focused on producing new knowledge and understanding about creative practice.

Read more about research degrees at the London College of Music.

Current research projects

Art of Record Production

Classical Music Hyper-Production

Electric Music Week

Innovation in Music

Performance in the Studio

The Commercialisation of Interactive Music

The Interactive Album App