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Innovation in Music

The Innovation in Music Conference is a European music industry conference bringing together researchers and professionals alike who are interested in the future of the music industry, from the artist through to the consumer. It was started in 2013 with a scope that included innovation in music: creation, technology, production and business, through to sound engineering, games music, post-production, and particularly, cross-disciplinary themes.

It represents a multi-university model of collaboration, centred around its directors who are based in the University of Westminster, York St. John University, the University of Western Ontario, the University of Hertfordshire and London College of Music’s Justin Paterson. Justin is also co-editor of the associated journal, and 'best of' book. The next conference will be held at the University of Westminster in September 2017.

The 'best of' papers from earlier conferences in the series have been extended and collated into books, co-edited by Justin Paterson.

Innovation in Music 2013
Innovation in Music II