London College of Music

Performance in the Studio

In 2012/13, Dr Simon Zagorski-Thomas received funding from the AHRC to establish a research network on Performance in the Studio and this research continues. The project involved the documentation of a weekend recording session by a singer/songwriter, Jo Beth Young which was produced by Grammy Award Winning producer Mike Howlett with a string quartet arrangement by John Cameron played by the Bergersen Quartet. The rhythm section was Jonny Bridgewater on bass and Chris Taylor on drums and percussion. The session was filmed and the participants were interviewed. The research network members each studied some aspect of the studio practice and produced a paper for an online conference which included discussion by other academics from around the world in an innovative blog and comment format.

The research network members were Dr. Eliot Bates (Birmingham University), Dr. Amy Blier-Carruthers (Royal College of Music), Prof. Amanda Bayley (Bath Spa University), Prof. Anne Danielsen (Oslo University), Prof. Mine Dogantan-Dack (Middlesex University), Dr. Mirjam James (University of Cambridge), Prof. Morten Michelson (Copenhagen University), Prof. Thomas Porcello, Dr. Alan Williams (University of Massachusetts Lowell) and Dr. Simon Zagorski-Thomas (London College of Music). The videos of the session and other documentation are available via the Art of Record Production website.