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The London College of Music offers both DMus and MPhil/PhD research degrees. The MPhil/PhD can be either a thesis based study or also involve practice as research. The DMus differs from the PhD by being more concerned with innovation in creative practice as opposed to a practice as research PhD which is more focused on producing new knowledge and understanding about creative practice. The DMus is available in Performance, Composition, Electronic/Electroacoustic Composition and Popular Music Production. The detail of your PhD study should be discussed with a potential supervisor and you should read our list of research specialisms and the profiles of our supervisors for more details.

LCM welcomes applications for doctoral research in all traditional disciplines of musicology including cultural studies, historical studies, musical aesthetics and analysis. We have supervisory capability across a wide variety of topics and issues, principally centred on twentieth-century and contemporary music.

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List of supervisors

Current PhD students



Title of research

Principal supervisor

Nino Auricchio

DMus Electronic Music Composition Developing electronic music composition for the elicitation of the chill response

Andrew Bourbon

Brittany Blackwell PhD Music The Residual Effects of the African Diaspora: Examining Cultural Appropriation, Mental Health, and Economic Disparities in the Music industry.  

Jose Manuel Cubides Gutierrez

DMus Music Production Development of Compositional Method Based on Sound/Noise as a Public and Private Expression Andrew Bourbon

Michail Exarchos

DMus Music Production Applying vintage production techniques to contemporary Hip-Hop in pursuit of ‘sample-based’ impact and authenticity: producing multiple records within a record Andrew Bourbon

Daniel Hagan

MPhil/PhD Music The place of music festivals in an era of digital music abundance David Osbon

Ryosuke Karaki

DMus Composition Unity of divergence: integrating two musical traditions through opera Francis Pott

Agata Kubiak

MPhil/PhD Music Under what circumstances does performing new music encourage creativity in string players? David Osbon

Yongju Lee

MPhil/PhD Music How can Actor Network Theory and Ecological Approach to Perception be used to analyse creative audio mixing practice? Simon Zagorski-Thomas

Jocelyne Lord

MPhil/PhD Music 3D Audio for Music - Ecological perception, embodied cognition and applied technique Andrew Bourbon

Paul Mackley

MPhil/PhD Music What impact are sound design technologies having within the live medium of theatre? Andrew Bourbon

Anthony Meynell

MPhil/PhD Music How recording studios used technology to invoke the psychedelic experience: The difference in staging techniques in British and American recordings in the late 1960s Simon Zagorski-Thomas

Christos Moralis

DMus Music Production Live popular electronic music - 'performable recordings' Andrew Bourbon

Elizabeth Pipe

MPhil/PhD Music The role of gesture and non-verbal communication in popular music performance, and its application to curriculum and pedagogy Simon Zagorski-Thomas

Tyrian Purple

MPhil/PhD Music In what ways have guitar players’ tools come to shape the playing style, compositional approach, and recording methodology of noise rock music from the 1970s to the present? Simon Zagorski-Thomas

Paolo Ramacciotti

DMus Composition Elektron Elohim: a cosmic oratorio Francis Pott
Paula Scales DMus Performance Developing movement skills in performing arts: an investigation to stimulate a more creative, imaginative and sensitive movement skill engagement through a democratically orientated approach.  

Christopher Stanbury

MPhil/PhD Music Survey of recorded electronic organ playing 1943-2005 with reference to technological mediation in performance style and practice Francis Pott

Bartosz Szafranski

DMus Composition Identification and application of the compositional devices required to maintain a coherent musical form with a very slow distribution of structural sound events David Osbon

Susan Thomason

MPhil/PhD Music The Embodied Feminine and the Sensory Self Simon Zagorski-Thomas

Christina Vinson

DMus Performance The Pan-American Association of Composers Robert Sholl