London College of Music

This year we celebrate our 130 year anniversary.

LCM Performance Projects

Performance projects Final year BMus students present a wide range of self-managed projects as part of their performance-based modules. These performances are the pinnacle point of the students’ time with us at LCM, and a lot of time and consideration is invested into them. For our pop performance students, students evaluate their musical direction skills, focusing on the areas of leadership, interaction and expressivity, and form a thorough understanding of the technical and communicative skills required in the area of live, popular music performance. We also demonstrate the diversity of our students with rich, diverse and creative performances showcasing our classical and jazz students.

These performances take place at a variety of venues including our own fabulous Lawrence and Vestry Hall along with a number of popular venues across London. The shows are open to the public, and are often used to showcase artists to record company A+R departments and live music promoters.