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What are the entry requirements?

  • Level 6 (BSc Hons) - 120 level 5 academic credits
  • Plus some work experience (including voluntary work) in the drug and alcohol field

What is a CPD?

Our programmes are 'modular' which means they are split into separate modules which can be taken in isolation or combined to form a diploma or a degree.

Do I qualify for entry onto the BSc (Hons) top up in Substance Use and Misuse Studies?

If you do not have the required academic credits we can assess your previous experience, knowledge and skills to see if this is equivalent to our entry criteria. In addition you may be asked to demonstrate your ability to study at the academic level you are applying for via an extended curriculum vitae.

When can I start?

There are two intakes a year - October and February.

How long will it take to complete the BSc (Hons) top-up?

All CPDs are delivered on a part-time basis, you can take two modules at the same time. How quickly you study depends on the time you have available to invest in your study. The fastest time in which you can complete the BSc is one year and a half.

How many teaching hours must I attend?

Each CPD require three hours attendance each week for 12 weeks (9.30am - 12.30pm; or 1:30pm - 4:30 pm). The Dissertation normally requires the attendance of four seminars and individual tutorials (that can be delivered at distance).

What support is available to students?

You will:

  • be assigned a personal tutor at the start of the module
  • have the possibility of one-to-one and group tutorials
  • access all the teaching materials on-line via Blackboard
  • receive guidance from the module leader and/or the subject librarian (Marc Foster)
  • be able to visit and utilise the resources available in the library located at any one of our campuses.

What are the advantages of BSc (Hons) in Substance Use and Misuse Studies?

The course has been mapped against the government's Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards framework (DANOS) enabling students to provide evidence of the skills and competences required by employers in the field. Previous students have found the course instrumental to improve their practice; many of them enhanced their professional status in their workplace, opened new services, started a new career in UK or abroad or continued to study at MSc level.

What our students say

This course has enabled me to be more confident with clients. I am now a substance misuse specialist in my service (Bob Foday, graduate)

I'm currently applying for an MSc in Public Health. I want to go back to my country of origin and improve services for people with drug and alcohol problems. My aim is to influence policies. (Habib Sesay, Mental Health Nurse)