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If you would like a discussion in confidence, please contact our student advice team on 020 8231 2573

The majority of students on professional and post experience programmes are either sponsored by their employer or they are funding themselves.

If you are intending to fund your studies through employer sponsorship or a contract agreement between the University and your organisation, please allow plenty of time for your workplace to organise this. The administration can be complex and involve your human resources department and/or line manager. We can advise you on the best way to go about this. If you would like a discussion in confidence, please contact our student advice team on 020 8231 2573.

For information on where to obtain support with funding as undergraduate student please see help with funding.

If you are planning to fund yourself, you may need to make specific financial arrangements. We suggest you explore the following options:

A Career Development Loan, a government-sponsored scheme covering between 80 to 100 per Cent of your costs, which is available at commercial rates through four major banks - Barclays, the Co-operative, the Clydesdale and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Details are available through your local Training and Enterprise Council (TEC), Job Centre or Career Service, and through our own Learning Advice Centres.

Tax relief for vocational training is open to UK residents not receiving other public assistance such as a grant or student loan. Apply to your local tax office for details. A leaflet, Tax relief for vocational training (R119), may be obtained by telephoning 020 7438 7772. For more general enquiries contact the Inland Revenue enquiry line 020 7438 6420 or refer to their website.

Further funding specifically for drug and alcohol courses may be available from:

Alcohol Education Research Council (AERC)
Andrea Tilouche
Room 178,
Queen Anne Business Centre,
28 Broadway,
tel: 020 7340 9502

The council is offering a limited number of studentships to students who are working or intend to work in the alcohol field and who wish to acquire appropriate professional qualification by following a taught course.

The Society for the Study of Addiction offers bursaries to students of accredited addictions courses. To apply for financial support access their website.

Some Drug Action Teams have a budget for training so it's worthwhile contacting your local DAT coordinator for more information.