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​UWL CampusPress is a tool for creating portfolios, blogs and websites for learning, teaching and assessment. UWL CampusPress can be accessed via Blackboard or directly at For more information on the functionality of CampusPress visit the CampusPress help site.



General instructions for students

UWL Students are able to create their own sites. Students are required to join the class blog created by their lecturers if using CampusPress is part of your formal assessment, (unless explicitly told not to join a class blog). If you do not join a class blog your lecturer will not be able to access your CampusPress site which may negatively effect your grade. You should complete the below process using the instructions to meet the standards of setting up your CampusPress site.

Student Process

Steps and instructions:

1. Create a new site (ensure you choose the correct template, if unsure seek clarity from your lecturer).

2. Join your Class blog. (Ensure your lecturer has provided you with a class name, otherwise you will be unable to join)

3. (Optional) you may want to add UWL users as with specific role permissions to your site, if you do share your site with others.


College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare student instructions

As students a Nursing course you are required to create and maintain a Personal and Professional Development Plan (PPDP). You must follow the below process fully to successfully complete your PPDP set up

Student Process

Steps and instructions:

1. Create your PPDP (Nursing students only). Students studying BSc (Hons) Operating Department Practice must follow these instructions to create their PPDP. 

2. Join your class blog (Ensure your lecturer has provided you with a class name, otherwise you will be unable to join)

3. Regularly update your PPDP, further can be found on the 'Help using UWL CampusPress' section.


Degree apprenticeship student instructions

As a student on a degree apprenticeship you must complete an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) on CampusPress. Follow the guidance below to meet the standards required to fully set up your ILP. 

Steps and instructions:

1. Follow the student ILP guidance

2. Share your ILP with your employer

3. Regularly update your ILP

Help Using UWL CampusPress

Here are some Edublogs* guides to get you started:

*Note: Edublogs is another name for CampusPress

For further assistance please contact or 0300 111 4895.

Uses for UWL CampusPress

UWL CampusPress can be used by students independently, for example for a private, reflective learning journal or with you for a specific learning activity such as:

  • website-based assessments
  • portfolios of work
  • blogging
  • a record of CPD

Students are able to export their CampusPress sites at the end of their studies, allowing for continuous use throughout their careers as CampusPress is based on the popular website tool WordPress.