Practice as research


An important meta-narrative that would provide a crucial additional dimension to this project will be the establishment of a formal methodology for documenting and delineating the process of practice-as-research through digital media. The publication, peer review and evaluation of practice-as-research have been hampered by the text-based format of the majority of current research output platforms. Within this project we will look at the challenges of publishing practice-as-research online in a digital multi-media format.

One of the challenges is the delineation of a 'research question' in a process which is, by its very nature, open ended and collaborative. Another is the identification, documentation and presentation of forms of knowledge which are essentially tacit (Polanyi 1966 and Ingold 2013) and non-verbal in nature. By videoing the interaction, both verbal and non-verbal, of the collaborators in the pre-production and production process and then looking at the material from a research perspective, we will establish a 'toolbox' of multi-media techniques for presenting and analysing tacit and non-verbal knowledge. This will include the identification and isolation of specific video segments where aspects of new tacit knowledge were created or demonstrated, the addition of meta-narratives or commentaries to highlight them, the re-creation on video of particular moments of the same sort, and the use of close-up, slow motion, camera angles and other techniques to focus in on specific and specified details.

All of these techniques will be used to create a structured research output, analogous to a journal article, in a digital multi-media format that would allow for the communication, peer review and evaluation of practice-as-research in a way that would make it directly comparable with more traditional text based research outputs. It would also help to make practice-as-research more communicable, verifiable and reproducible in line with other forms of research. This provides a speculative and developmental element to the project in that it aims to create a template for possible future online digital practice-as-research multi-media journal platforms.


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