ExPERT Academy (previously INSTIL)

Learning technology

Matt Lingard presenting at June 2014 Show-&-TEL

The University is committed to further developing the use of learning technologies in teaching, learning and assessment to improve our students' educational experience. The ExPERT Academy's work includes:

  • Promoting Learning Technology
    We work with staff to encourage best practice approaches and increase the use of learning technologies both online and in the classroom.
  • Providing guidance and support
    We offer one-to-one support, provide guidance material and deliver workshops on a range of learning technologies.
  • Developing blended and distance learning
    We work with staff to develop the University's provision of distance and blended learning modules.
  • Managing learning technologies
    We manage the use and further development of the University's learning technologies.

Support and guidance

We provide support and guidance for staff using Blackboard, Turnitin, UWL Replay, Poll Everywhere, CampusPress and Pebblepad. We can also advise on the use of other technologies in learning, teaching and assessment. TEL Support for staff:

TEL Support is available 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

University learning technologies

The TEL team support the use of the University’s core learning technologies:

  • Blackboard - the online home for all courses and modules at the University. It is used for learning activities and administration including: access to learning materials and information; e-assessment; announcements and discussion.
  • Turnitin - an e-assessment tool integrated into Blackboard. It is used for online grading and for checking the originality of students’ assessments.
  • PebblePad - an online personal portfolio tool for students to record their achievements and reflect on what they have learnt.
  • Poll Everywhere - a polling and feedback tool for use in the classroom with students’ own mobile devices.
  • UWL Replay - the lecture recording system. It records audio and the computer screen in specific classrooms but can also be used at any computer to create 'personal' recordings.
  • CampusPress - a tool for creating portfolios, blogs and websites for learning, teaching and assessment

We also provide guidance on the application of other general technologies to teaching and learning including university ones such as Office 365, as well as external tools such as Twitter.

For further information on our learning technologies, see: