Visas and immigration

Work in the UK whilst studying - non EEA students

When the UK immigration authorities give you permission to be in the UK as a student, you will receive a sticker or stamp in your passport, or an identity card (known as a Biometric Residence Permit), telling you what conditions apply to your stay. These include conditions about work. 

To be allowed to work, you must have what is known as a 'restriction' rather than a 'prohibition' on working.

You need to check the wording on your current entry clearance sticker or stamp, or your ID card (known as a Biometric Residence Permit), to work out whether you have a 'restriction' on working.

If you are in the UK with leave as a student / Tier 4 student, you have a 'restriction' on working if your passport sticker or identity card says one of the following:

  • Work (and any changes) must be authorised
  • Able to work as authorised by the Secretary of State
  • Work as in Tier 4 Rules
  • Restricted Work. P/T term time. F/T vacations
  • Restricted work term time
  • Work limited to max 20 hrs per week during term-time
  • Work limited to max 10 hrs per week during term-time.

Students coming to University of West London to study a course longer than six months can expect to be given a 'restriction' on working

You are not permitted to engage in business or to fill a full-time permanent vacancy.

If you are found to be working in excess of these hours, the UKVI may cancel your leave, or refuse to grant you an extension of leave.  If this happens, you could also experience problems with future applications for entry clearance to come to the UK.

You may be able to undertake a full-time work placement if it is an assessed part of your course.  However, the work placement must meet certain requirements.  These are different, depending on whether you have (or are applying for) a visa as a 'Tier 4 Student' or whether you have a current Student visa that was issued under the old immigration rules (prior to 31 March 2009).

Please check UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) for up-to-date information regarding immigration rules and working hours as this is regularly updated in line with policy changes

If you are not sure whether you have permission to work, or whether you can do a work placement, find out when you can see a Student Welfare adviser by calling 020 8231 2508.