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Library services strategy

This Strategy, approved in April 2016, was developed by taking on board feedback gained from the UWL Senior Management Group and Student Union Officers. We have also analysed the data and comments in various (and valued) student surveys completed by our students – such as the annual National Student Survey and the bi-annual UWL Module Evaluation Surveys – to inform our thinking. As you would expect, we have also undertaken horizon scanning of the academic library sector to identify the relevant trends of relevance to a university like ours.

We think that there is something for everyone in this Strategy, whether you are a student, researcher, partner organisation or alumnus. We hope you will agree with the direction of the travel set out within the five strategic priorities (Customer service; Collection development; Digital literacy and study support; Research support, Technology and staff development). Library staff will be using the key performance indicators outlined at the end to measure and report on our success in delivering it without forgetting our values outlined at the beginning.

Download the strategy (pdf,140kb)

We also have a Customer Engagement Strategy that can be downloaded here (doc, 31kb).


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