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Use of Lockers Policy

Lockers are available on the 2nd and 3rd Floors of the Paul Hamlyn Library and in the Dipna Anand Postgraduate Study Room.

By using these lockers you are agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions:-

There are two different types of locker:-

Loanable if you wish to use a locker during regular staffed hours. The majority of lockers are of this type.

  1. Keys are issued during staffed hours from the Library Information Desk on the ground floor.
  2. Keys are issued for 24 hours and must be returned during staffed hours.
  3. If Lockers become overdue, there is a charge of £0.50p an hour
  4. Only one locker can be borrowed at any one time.
  5. Lockers may not be renewed.
  6. If you lose your key there is a replacement charge of £20 plus VAT.

Self service if you wish to use a locker overnight. There are a few lockers available of this type.

  1. Lockers are available for use overnight during term-time.  In vacations, they are not available for use overnight and must be emptied before the library closes.
  2. You will need to pay a returnable coin deposit of £1 to use the locker and retrieve the key.
  3. If you lose the key, there is a replacement charge of £20 plus VAT
  4. To be fair to all users, these lockers are intended to be used overnight whilst you are working in the Library, and emptied and made available for others when you leave.  Keys will only be made available during the hours when there is no staffed operation.
  5. Library and security staff will carry out spot-checks for unacceptable contents and inappropriate use on a regular basis.
  6. Lockers will be opened by Library and Security staff, and the contents retrieved and securely retained for later collection, if we suspect that they are being used on a long-term basis.


  1. In the event of a lost key, please notify a member of the Customer Experience Team during our regular staffed hours. For security reasons, we will not open lockers immediately but will retrieve and securely retain the contents and notify you when you can collect them.
  2. Library materials MUST NOT be placed in the lockers unless they have been issued to you. Any unissued Library material found to be stored in a locker will be returned directly to the shelves to allow others to use them.
  3. No food or perishable items may be placed in the lockers. Any perishable items found to be stored in a locker will be thrown away without notice. 
  4. The Library and University will not accept any liability for lost, damaged or stolen items, however caused.
  5. Misuse or physical damage of the Lockers may lead to disciplinary action under the Student Disciplinary Policy.

Please note that alternative lockers for gym users are available in the Student Union.

Julian Roland
Head of Customer Experience
Library Services





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