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University of West London Repository is an open access archive, which showcases the research, scholarly and enterprise output of UWL staff and PhD students. Deposits can include printed material of all types - journal articles, books, book chapters, conference proceedings, theses – as well as presentations, images, videos and sound recordings.

Repository deposit widens the visibility and accessibility of research, potentially increases the impact of your work, and provides a complete record of the university’s research outputs. Using the repository also allows UWL researchers to meet the requirements of the UWL Publications Policy as well as the open access policy for the next REF.

All staff members and doctoral students can submit material by logging in to the UWL Repository at Deposit is a straightforward process and help is available below and via the 'Author Guidance' tab, accessible from any page on the Repository.

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Please see the introductions to open access, promoting your work, ORCID and the open access FAQ. To view the UWL Open Access blog please click here. For more information, contact the UWL Repository Team at


What can I deposit?

All kinds of research, scholarly and enterprise outputs can be uploaded to the repository (both published and unpublished).

Text-based works (including articles, conference proceedings and book chapters) as well as visual works (images, videos), and other materials (e.g. sound recordings, compositions, slideshows) can be deposited.

Items submitted for publication and still under review should not be deposited – please wait until the item has been accepted for publication.

You will need to find out whether you have permission to deposit your published material. SHERPA/RoMEO provides reliable information on many publishers’ copyright policies for journals. Further information on publishers’ copyright policies for both books and journals is also available here.


Why should I deposit?

By depositing your work in the UWL Repository, you can become compliant with the REF open access policy as well as the UWL Publications Policy.

Making your work open access through the Repository means that anyone with an internet connection can access your work for free, vastly increasing the potential readership of your work. In addition, your work is given a permanent, dedicated page on the repository – you can share a web link to this page via email or across the internet.

Read more about the benefits of open access and the UWL Repository here.


How to deposit

If you are a UWL staff member or PhD student, all you need is your regular network login details to access the Repository.

After you have logged in, you will be taken to your ‘Manage Deposits’ user area, which will display any items you have already deposited, and will allow you to add new material.

Depositing is a simple process. You will be asked to provide bibliographic details about the item being deposited, provide the full-text of the item where permitted, and agree to the deposit license.

After depositing, your item record will go live immediately and the UWL Repository Team will check for any errors.

A step-by-step guide to depositing can be found here.


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