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UWL Publications Policy

The following policy was approved at the October 2015 meeting of URSEC and ratified at the December Academic Board.  This comes into operation from 1 January 2016, taking into account the new HEFCE guidelines relating to Open Access and the post-2014 REF, and also placing the Repository firmly in the centre of academic workflows when disseminating research outputs.

1.    Date of implementation

1.1.    The University publications policy requires that, from 1st January 2016, bibliographic details (and full-text where available) of all newly accepted research outputs from Academic Schools, Central Service Departments, Graduate School and INSTIL are recorded in the University Repository within three months of acceptance for publication, performance or broadcast, with metadata becoming live from the moment of deposit. 

2.    Scope of outputs to be included in the Repository

2.1.    Research which dates back to the REF 2014 (i.e. between 1 January 2008 and 31st December 2013) should be deposited in the Repository, and ideally all UWL-related research prior to that to ensure as full a research profile of the University is available as possible.  

2.2.    Outputs which can be included in the Repository include journal articles, conference proceedings, presentations, audio and video material, performances, exhibitions, and monographs.   Scholarly material which is not eligible for the REF but which contributes to the overall profile of the University of West London may be submitted.

2.3.    Research data (i.e. the recorded factual material collected, observed or created for the purpose of analysis to produce original research results) is out of scope of the UWL Repository.

2.4.    If a work is confidential or commercially sensitive this should be discussed with the relevant Research Cluster Head or Head of School prior to deposit, but the expectation would be that at the very least metadata would still be deposited without the associated full-text.  This should not affect journal article deposits which would be expected to be made available in full-text.

2.5.    As stated in The University of West London’s Research Degree Regulations (17.1b and 17.2) PhD theses should be deposited in the Repository on completion as they increase the research profile of the University.  Material which is restricted or commercially sensitive can be deposited as metadata only with the agreement of the relevant Research Cluster Head or Head of School.

3.    Researcher responsibilities

3.1.    New academic staff will be required to deposit their research outputs into the Repository within three months of their appointment to the University.

3.2.    It is the responsibility of the individual researcher to agree to the terms of the University Repository Deposit Licence at the point of deposit.  By submitting an output to the Repository it is assumed that the researcher is automatically consenting to the terms of the Licence, which will be prominently displayed on the deposit screen.

3.3.    Staff leavers’ research outputs will remain within the UWL Repository as these may still be eligible for inclusion in the upcoming REF.

4.    Open Access and Green/Gold publication

4.1.    In terms of Open Access it is expected that University of West London will publish exclusively using the Green route (i.e. not taking advantage of Gold immediate OA via APC payments).  However it is recognised that where an OA or hybrid journal is high-impact in a particular field Gold deposit may be investigated and funded at the discretion of the relevant Head of School.

5.    Full-text material and publisher embargoes

5.1.    Outputs relating to journals (with ISSNs) or conference proceedings (with ISSNs) must be accompanied by their full-text final peer-reviewed version.  

5.2.    Researchers should indicate at the point of deposit whether the full-text of the research output can be made publicly available in the repository.  It is the responsibility of the individual researcher to check on publisher embargoes and to indicate relevant expiry dates when they deposit an output in the repository, however advice is provided in the Copyright FAQ.

5.3.    Outputs which do not have a publisher embargo will be made live shortly after deposit.  This will allow a final check on copyright compliance to be made by repository staff.

5.4.    Outputs which have a publisher embargo will be made available as metadata only until such time as the embargo expires.  Note that HEFCE policy on journal/conference proceeding output requires embargo periods not to exceed 12 months for REF panels A & B or 24 months for REF panels C & D.

6.    REF Units of Assessment

6.1.    Investigation will take place between Library Services and ePrints relating to how REF Units of Assessment are recorded and reported on from the Repository.  It is recommended that the REF 2014 Units of Assessment are used to start with, which can be modified as necessary in preparation for the post-2014 REF.

7.    Material which does not meet HEFCE policy requirements

7.1.    Any such output submitted to REF that does not meet the HEFCE requirements will be given an unclassified score and will not be assessed, unless any of the deposit, access or technical exceptions in the policy document apply.

8.    Non-text material

8.1.    Non-text material will be uploaded into the Repository if file sizes permit.  Otherwise metadata only will be uploaded, with a link provided to material stored elsewhere, for example on a YouTube channel (with an embed link if required) or on the University intranet.  Non-textual material should be made available as OA where possible to gain extra credit from HEFCE.

9.    Status of outputs in the Repository

9.1.    Material may be deposited to the Repository if it is one of the following statuses: ‘Submitted’, ‘In Press’, ‘Published’, or ‘Unpublished’.  This status must be assigned at the point of deposit and statuses can be used to provide reports to Schools and Departments on their outputs.

10.    Reporting of outputs from the Repository

10.1.    Outputs will be generated from the Repository for reporting by School at URSEC (monthly by School for academic year or calendar year): material not in the Repository will neither be regarded formally as UWL research nor submitted to the REF.

11.     University right to remove material

11.1.    Material which is deposited in the Repository and made OA which is later deemed unsuitable or of poor quality may be recommended for removal to the member of Vice Chancellor’s Executive with responsibility for Research at the discretion of the relevant Research Cluster Head or Head of School.  

12.     University requirement to remove infringing material

12.1.    Material which has been made OA in contradiction to publisher copyright policies may be removed on request as per the University’s Takedown Policy.  This will also apply to material where publishers have been contacted re copyright and have not responded, where material may be removed at the copyright holder’s request.  This will not affect the inclusion of associated metadata.

13.     Publication of output metadata to staff profiles

13.1.    Development work should be undertaken in collaboration with ePrints to ensure that outputs are published at least semi-automatically to staff website profiles, and that Schools and Departments are accurately presented with their correct names as of 1st January 2016.

14.     University affiliation and identification

14.1.    All researchers should use ‘The University of West London’ as their address when submitting an item for publication in preference to School or College names.  This ensures that full credit is given in bibliometric searches carried out for any future government requirements for the assessment of research, league tables or other purposes.

14.2.    All authors should register with the ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) author ID service in order to facilitate future linking of outputs to authors and citations to ensure audit compliance.  Library Services will facilitate this registration in the first instance.

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