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The Digitisation Service provides links to digital scans of material for you to add to Blackboard for your students. The Library can digitise up to 10% of materials held in print within the library or 10% from sources we don’t subscribe to electronically or own physically.

How do I request a scan?

Book chapter/extract - please complete this form
Journal article – please complete this form

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process?

  • You place a request through the online form
  • The Library makes the required checks to make sure it is covered by our licence and that we don’t already have it available electronically
  • If the request is approved, the item is scanned and a link is sent to you to add to Blackboard and/or the reading list for the module
  • If the request is rejected, you will be contacted with an explanation

What can be scanned?

The CLA licence permits making digital copies from most material published in the UK and 17 other countries. To see if a particular book or journal is covered by the licence, please check the CLA’s Check Permissions tool.

The general rule is one whole chapter from a book or one whole article from a journal issue, or 10% of the whole (whichever is the greater).

What cannot be scanned?

There are a number of exclusions, including:

  • Items excluded by the CLA licence. Please see the list of excluded categories and works
  • Items already available electronically to UWL e.g. e-journals or e-books

We will make these checks for you when we receive your request.

Who operates this service?

The Library operates this service, and will be responsible for approving or rejecting your requests, scanning the documents, and sending you the link to add to Blackboard.

Scans can only be added to Blackboard which have been scanned by Library staff who are the Designated Persons registered with the CLA.

How long will it take?

Please allow up to 20 working days for your request to be processed.  We aim to be as quick as possible, but this will depend on demand and the availability of the requested material.

How long can my scan be used for?

The Library will contact you annually to check whether you still require the material. If you don’t, we will remove the material from the database and your link will expire.

We will also contact you if the CLA have informed us that the material scanned is no longer part of the CLA licence and so the link has expired.

Can you scan material which is not held in the library?

The library is able to provide scans for material which isn’t held in the library if we can get a Copyright-Fee Paid scan from the British Library.

If the material is available as an e-book, we may decide to purchase the full e-book instead if this would be more cost effective.

We may only scan your personal copy of a book if you are prepared to donate this to Library stock.

I have personally scanned several items already. Can I use these?

The CLA Co-ordinator will make sure that scanned extracts comply fully with the terms and conditions of the CLA Licence. Please contact us to discuss this.

Scans can only be added to Blackboard via the Digitisation Service to ensure we are abiding by the CLA licence.

Any other queries

Please contact your Academic Support Librarian or the CLA Co-ordinator 

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