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Library Services for Paragon Students

There is no library at the Paragon site.

The University has provided a Social Learning Space on the second floor which contains study facilities, printing, scanning and copying facilities and wi-fi.  This space is open Monday to Friday 08.00 to 22.00 and from 08.30 until 16.00 on Saturdays all year round.

From Monday 24 September 2018, Library Services will provide a book collection and delivery service to the Second Floor Social Learning Space at Paragon.  This service is operated by University of West London Students Union. Students can also return their library books via a self-service returns machine and book bin in this area.

Access to the library website, catalogue, your borrower account and to library e-resources are available from any computer.

To request a book(s) for collection at Paragon. 

  1. Please complete the webform 
  2. If the book is available and on the shelf within the Paul Hamlyn Library or the Campus Library at Reading it will be sent for collection at the 2nd floor social learning space at Paragon House. Please note, however, that because University transportation between the Paul Hamlyn Library and Paragon House operates once a day from Monday to Friday and from Reading to the Paul Hamlyn Library three times a week, expected collection times vary. 

If the Book is available from the Paul Hamlyn Library 

Student Request Paragon House
Ordered before 5pm Monday to Thursday  Following Day, 2pm
Ordered before 5pm Friday - Sunday  Monday, 2pm


If the Book is available from the Reading Campus Library 

Student Request Paragon House
Ordered between noon on Monday and noon on Wednesday Thursday, 2pm
Ordered between noon on Wednesday and noon on Friday  Monday, 2pm
Ordered between noon on Friday and noon on Monday Tuesday, 2pm


  1. If the book is not immediately available at either site, we will notify you and if you still require the book you can place a standard reservation for collection at the Paul Hamlyn Library which is open 24/7 during term times.
  2. The book collection service at Paragon operates between the hours of 10 and 4 Monday to Friday.  If you are unable to collect the book at these times you should not use this service.
  3. Your book will be retained for collection at Paragon for a maximum of five working days before your reservation is cancelled and the book returned to the library. 
  4. A UWLSU staff member will help you to issue the book(s) on a self-issue machine.
  5. Please note that you must provide your student Photo ID in order to collect the book.  No books can be issued without this. 
  6. Please note that UWLSU staff will not be able to resolve issues on your library account that prevent you from borrowing books.  If you have the maximum number of loans to which you are entitled, or need to pay library overdue charges you will need to speak to Library Services staff.  A phone is provided by the Student Union for this purpose.
  7. You can pay overdue charges at any time via your online library account on a PC or mobile device.  You can also pay overdue charges on the self issue machine but please be aware that for technical reasons,  there may be a delay of up to six minutes before any blocks on your account are removed.   

To return a book to the Library at Paragon. 

  1. Please follow the instructions on the self-returns machine 
  2. Please place the book(s) in the book bin provided 
  3. The book bin is emptied daily from Monday to Friday for return to the library. 

The Paul Hamlyn Library

At our state of the art, Paul Hamlyn Library, a short distance from the Paragon site, which is open 24/7 during term time, Paragon students have access to a full range of library services.  A courtesy bus operates regularly between the Paragon site and the Paul Hamlyn Library.

Paragon students can request an appointment with their Academic Support Librarian to take place at either site. The Academic Support Librarians for the Claude Littner Business School, the College of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Care and for the School of Human and Social Science all offer drop in sessions at both sites and you can find more information and details on how to make an appointment on the relevant subject guide for your subject.

Our Academic Support Librarians conduct a wide range of Information Literacy sessions at Paragon as part their regular curriculum-based programmes, and additional bookable sessions. For more information, speak to your Academic Support Librarian.

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