Psychology and the Law


Friday 1 December 2017, 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Psychology and the Law; A UWL public showcase of international psychological science and research. The University of West London’s (UWL) School of Law and Criminology is pleased to host an evening discussing the many ways that Psychological research can help improve the criminal justice process. This public event is a showcase of contemporary legal and criminological psychology, presented by a series of international experts. Topics include everyday aggression and psychopathy, prisons, eyewitnesses psychology and the police interview process. The evening also includes a series of talks focusing on the special case of sexual offences, focusing on the criminal behaviour and investigative process of this sensitive crime. The session will open and close with talks by UWL researchers. Dr Liam Satchell (UWL School of Law and Criminology) will explain the importance of psychological science in legal and police settings. He will do this through presenting his research on detecting aggressive and psychopathic individuals in everyday life. Dr Anthony Murphy (UWL School of Human and Social Sciences) will conclude the evening by presenting his research on the psychology of rape and sexual violence and how this can help develop the criminal justice system. This event is open to anyone with any level of background in psychology, criminal justice and the police process. *We warn that the event contains some sensitive themes on the topic of criminal behaviour (especially with a focus on sexual offences), and the event may not be suitable for those who would find this upsetting.*

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