CD success for Leigh Phillips

Thriller CD recording session

May 19 saw the first commercial release of, composer Jerry Goldsmith's, music from the 1960's television show 'Thriller'.

'Thriller' was a popular anthology programme which aired between 1960-1962, with Boris Karloff hosting a mixture of horror stories and suspense tales. Goldsmith was one of three musicians writing for the series, and the show provided the young composer with some of his earliest, and most challenging, assignments. In addition to severe time constraints, the studio could only supply him with the budget for chamber-sized ensembles, usually comprising of five to 11 players; rather than this proving a hindrance to Goldsmith, it only seemed to fuel his creativity, leading him producing some of his most inventive, and startlingly original, work from that period.

Longtime fans of the show, and the composer, often requested that his scores be made available on CD; unfortunately, with the music only existing in the form of 'music and effects' tracks, it meant that any release of the original tapes was impossible. However, in November 2016, film music producer James Fitzpatrick (from Tadlow Music Ltd.) and Leigh Phillips (lecturer in film music composition at LCM), went some way to finally addressing this issue by producing & recording a selection of Goldsmith's 'Thriller' music with members of The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Nic Raine.

Recording session for the Thriller CD

Thriller CD coverLeigh, having previously worked with Tadlow Music on numerous film-score reconstructions (including complete Goldsmith scores from 'The Salamander' and 'The Blue Max'), arranged six ten-minute suites for the album, featuring musical highlights from six selected episodes (namely 'The Grim Reaper', 'Hay-Fork & Bill-Hook', 'Well of Doom', 'Mr George', 'The Poisoner', and 'Your's Truly, Jack the Ripper').

The initial pressing of the album proved to be extremely popular, selling-out by its official release date. As a result of this, both Leigh and Tadlow Music are currently planning to record 'Thriller - Volume 2', later in the year.

More information, and a short promotional video, about 'Thriller' can be found online.